Children aging-out of family court nightmare ….

I understand that I am now at the “conclusion” of our family court nightmare, my children are at an age where they have almost “aged-out” and the majority of the battle for their childhood, my rights as their mother, and the outrage over having lost our civil rights, and years together, is only just starting to sink in.
I do, however, feel the need to speak out and up.  From my own amateur research, I know there are definitely others in our jurisdiction alone who have gone through very similar and heartbreaking stories I have just been unable to figure out what to do with this information.  I wish more than anything to help others who may just now be going into what we’ve emerged from, after nearly four years.  I know my children and I often asked “why is no one doing anything to help us” and the answer, for us, here in Mississippi, is that though these atrocities are not so much a secret, no one has done anything to expose the professionals who are doing this damage.
I appreciate tips about connecting with others, by social media … I have, in fact, just opened a twitter account, and, because my children are at least a little older, I am freer now to speak out a little more than I have been in the past.
If you learn of any other contacts, organizations, groups, in my area, please let me know, and please, keep my name, contact information on file should you come across anyone who may need help or who may be interested in working for reform, oversight in my area.
Again, I thank you for your time and consideration.


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