Family Court Crisis

Family Court Crisis

40 Faces of the Family Court Crisis Slideshow  JANUARY 9, 2014

Most people have a hard time believing that the good, decent parents are losing custody of their children in record numbers in America’s divorce or family courts. During the past eight years, CJE has focused on bringing forth the heart-wrenching personal stories of the real people behind the horrifying statistics.

After creating our two short documentaries Family Court Crisis: Our Children At Risk on a shoestring budget in 2008, we hooked up with accomplished photojournalist James Hall to develop a Photo Exhibit and Photobook, Family Court Crisis: Surviving a Broken System that profiled the cases of 14 men, women and children from eight different states whose lives were destroyed by their family court experiences.

We expanded this original concept into the video slideshow below that profiles 40 different individuals  from around the U.S. whose lives have been forever changed by their experiences in America’s broken family court system. Each full-color portrait is accompanied by a quote from the victim. Click the image below to watch this 9-minute video exhibit, set to an original score written and performed by Mateo Favero. This crisis knows no racial, ethnic, gender, religious or socioeconomic bounds, as you will see in the snapshot below. Together, we can expose it, and we can fix it.

Faces of the Family Court Crisis from James Hall Photography.


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