New Beginnings and The Road To Hell Is Paved …. (Excerpt from Writing For My Life)

 I loved being an abstractor.  I loved being a mom even more.   I was excellent at both.

I had been a self-employed title abstractor for nearly 16 years by early summer, 2005, when, left penniless by my ex-husband 3 months after our move to the Mississippi Gulf Coast … penniless with three children, ages 13, 6, and 4, to care for.  Penniless, with 3 children, self-employed, in a new town, facing divorce after 14 years of marriage, and, only 6 weeks before Hurricane Katrina flattened our new home and took absolutely everything else I had, materially.   

That summer I scrambled to hold fast to my faith and my wits and regain a foothold in my profession as a freelance abstractor in a new town while assuring my children did not become a part of the divorce circus I knew to be coming.  I worked valiantly to make certain that my children did not become victims of a silent, never-home, single mother.  I worked valiantly   I would test the very core and center of my own courage by holding firm to my resolve to not answer to criticisms, the criticisms of extended family, who, unbeknownst to me, were in the beginning of an 8 year the barrage, badgering and brainwashing techniques of my ex-husband, and who would in time, also become part of his arsenal in his campaign as he made war against me, and against anyone who knew me …


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