To My Daughter (Excerpt from 01-24-13, Writing For My Life) …. Journal Entry

​———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Bobbie Hardin” 
Subject: diary.012413

I’m sorry {my baby girl}. I know how you must feel so worthless and unimportant in this world.  I remember the feeling, as a young girl, and, even now, as an old woman… though I know in my heart, not from wishful thinking or fairytales but from real experience, that the world, PEOPLE, DO CARE, there are so many more than what you get to experience in your small surroundings.  I have to remind myself of that everyday.  I pray you will know deep within your soul, that you are precious and unique, made perfect in God’s eyes, and that there are angels walking this earth, human angels, that will, love you unconditionally, just as I do.  I pray that you will never forget this.  As I fade away in the familiar surrounding of my youth, where my voice could scream out and still not be heard, I am thankful that I am able, still, everyday, to at least muster the heart and energy for that reminder… I too am unique and perfectly made.  I don’t carry guilt for things that are not mine to carry.  But, the weight of the sadness and anguish I feel, as your mother, knowing what an intelligent, gifted, athletic, creative, talented beautiful girl you were, and still have the potential to be, while no one we are presently around sees, hears, or notices… there is no greater pain to bear…


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