The Broken Arm of the Court

The Broken Arm of the Court
 A Mississippi Court Appointed Guardian Ad Litem Hides Behind Robes Of Injustice – A Mississippi attorney prospers while denying justice, seeking fees over rights of child.  Informed Mississippian’s will not tolerate this modern-day trampling of civil rights.                  A NIGHTMARE IN FAMILY COURT

August 28, 2013

At any rate, how it began is old news … it just entered my family into the appointment of yet another guardian ad litem in 2011, five years after finalized divorce with each year holding return trips due to copy/paste motions and harrassment-by-court on the part of my ex, and, three years after a first guardian ad litem appointed by the court performed a complete, thorough, professional investigation, and, minus $45K (my expenses alone!).

The entry of this second guardian ad litem was/is the jist of the entire mess, AND, of course, a court appointed psychologist, and, the rest is history.  I have recovered county receipts to show the county paid the court appointed psychologist for the fiscal year 2011 (for accounting, not psychology services) as a private vendor.

All claims can be documented or verified, I don’t expect you to take just my word for anything, as I would expect the same, after all I have learned over these years, the hard way.  No one has offered to detail these things before now, but all professionals were aware of all these facts.

I was forced to endure, in order to see my minor child while fighting not just for re-hearing, and custody, but just for visitation … of the children I had been the primary caregiver and provider of since birth!  I had to let my actions, and behavior, speak louder than words, while hoping and praying to outlive the slander.

I know I have had more restraint, and patience, than anyone else I can think of and my main focus and energies during this whole ordeal was to stay devoted to my children and getting eyes on our messed up and mishandled and unethical COURT CASE.  In the between, I had no choice but to step in and do everything I could for my aging parents and the mess I found them in, financially and emotionally, and physically.  Perhaps my greatest wonder will be whether if was a good and honorable choice to refuse to air my family’s dirty laundry in court …. It may have been a fatal mistake … this flaw I once thought a character strength of mine.

How sad …by the time all has been said and done, none wanted to step up and care for these kids … and I could not be considered a fit alternative as a parent when the gal-favored parent had to be brought before the court for drug-use and questionable moral behavior (two very long years after this gal placed the children in this same parent’s care and custody).  At this time, I could not even be considered as a fit “alternative” placement, custodian of my own children, for re-homing?, return?, as I faced imprisonment for failure (inability) to pay exorbitant guardian ad litem fees, which had been the primary focus of the case since the appointment … I stayed on defense, deflecting this issue, while all matters regarding the best interest of my children continued to go unaddressed.  Ultimately, after three years of this, the children were seriously facing the prospect of foster care while the ones that had seemed to be so interested in their health and well-being just a couple of years earlier, were nowhere to be found?

The End Year, With Beginning and Middle to Come



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