PAS – “Herd Mentality” – Writing For My Life

From Writing For My Life:  (051912):

There is a new epidemic that has infested our nation. The shocking dreadful details of it, the misinformation associated with it and how it is consuming lives, not just of those we used to deem deserving of it but of those most innocent and undeserving of its punishing effects … our children.

I am reminded of the time in the late ’80’s when the Aids virus rumors sprouted and grew, it’s tiny limbs of whispered tales and taboo that suddenly became accepted topics of conversation in the homes of high society and the morally superior. … whispered questions and fearful doubts bloomed into acceptable subject matter as it wound its way into the smallest communities and began to kill off babies and pre-adolescents… those that were obviously above society’s reproach and judgment. Then and only then did we began to question the stamp of “deserving” on the afflicted. It calls to my mind the leper outcasts of Bible Story times.

These limbs snaked into everyday conversation filled with what we now know to be ridiculous misinformation.  Horror stories about wrathful curses sent down by God Himself to wipe out the promiscuous and the whole of the homosexual population, to urban legend tales such as the lipsticked message “WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF AIDS”, left to be found by the pitiful one unlucky enough to have been deceived into having a one night stand with an angry, tainted person who appeared perfectly normal the night before! These tales and others placed fear and dread in the hearts and minds of everyone from 10 to 100. you were stricken with fear of catching this horrible disease. It didn’t matter that you may have been a sexually pure, healthy individual prior to… if you contracted aids or even had a whisp of doubt that you should need testing, your credibility and reputation was subject to public debate and gossiped scrutiny forevermore.

It’s taken over two decades for society to catch up to scientific knowledge. Only when Aids began to take the lives of innocent children did our judgmental minds began to question its origins. The love of a mother for her young son, and their personal, heartbreaking story is my own earliest memory of the beginning of change. We all began to rethink gossiped, secondhand knowledge of this disease and opened our minds to the other possibilities we now know to be other causes of this disease and how it spreads.

I use this horrible time, and how society took on the “herd” mentality to pass judgment on and withhold sympathy for those afflicted. This ignorance came at a great cost. Scores of lives were lost and years of research and outreach assistance were wasted because of it.

There is another disease that has wound its way throughout our nation. It is not new… it is not well known because its been kept quiet and it is as unbelievable, difficult to understand the destruction and shame it brings to those afflicted. But it is very real and is as lethal to our families and communities as any epidemic. And, it is destroying our nations most precious resource and valuable asset … our children.

Since the 1980’s a movement — separating children from loving, protective parents, courts, un-professional “professionals” profiting from the dissension and chaos, misery and confusion of divorce, child custody, PAS becoming well-known behavior unrecognized, still to this day.




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