Top Down or Bottoms Up … City, County, State, Federal Government Reform: Where We Start Matters Little As Long As We Begin

As convinced as I am that the Fed’s are abusing their powers, I am just as convinced, and urge others to explore solutions BESIDES AND/OR in addition to just giving MORE power to abuse to the many crooked STATE, COUNTY, and CITY politicians. All levels of government are corrupted from the lowest to the highest.  Those of us who have experienced family court abuse know firsthand how the judiciary fails our children, and state bar associations and review boards, investigative committees (IF your state even has oversight and investigative committees … many do NOT) look the other way or are so overwhelmed and incompetent they are waiting for HELP from higher authorities.  As it  stands, it really is the wild-wild-west, city, county, state and federal.  We must overhaul the system, bottom-up or top-down but it REQUIRES a complete overhaul.

I am convinced that is why change has not yet happened … we must organize, report, investigate, punish  and hold accountable and replace those who are corrupt.



2 thoughts on “Top Down or Bottoms Up … City, County, State, Federal Government Reform: Where We Start Matters Little As Long As We Begin

  1. The mistake many people make is thinking there’s a “we” there without finding out who it is, or some basic definition. I think it does matter where one starts–aim matters! (see David v. Goliath). It’s no simple thing to get a consensus, and many obstacles. For one, a large group of people don’t want an overhaul, they want a “fix” (fix our broken courts is a them you’ll see on my blog alot — and I make fun of it, because the phrase makes absolutely no sense.

    Anyhow, it’s too late to say much more. I’m curious why the blog got started just in April 2014….any comments?

    1. You are right … I continue to be surprised by how much I learn, and yes, how much worse it CAN get by way of understanding, comprehending how complex these issues are. i am sure I can’t be alone in my thinking, rightt when I begin to comprehend, wrap my head around one horrible concept of the corruption and collusion, etc. there is another branch, piece of the puzzle so to speak, waiting for me. It’s like a bread trail that never ends?! Your blog, and a couple of other groundbreakers put me on the right path a couple of years ago. I was in the thick of the battle (9 years next month), 2 children down and severely, longtime and court approved alienated, with 1 to go. I was just able to close out family court case with all important release of the longtime, appointed, guardian ad litem. I began writing in April of this year. I wish I could have sooner but was rendered helpless and threatened by the courts (a jail for unpaid gal fees issue) while trying to keep to the limited, restricted visitation with my youngest child – 12 day-time only hours on alternating weekends, 200 miles away from home.
      I’ve recently come to believe we all seem to know these crimes, so many have been publicizing them long before I ever began … it seems we all can’t come together, unite enough in any strong way in which to effectively break this stranglehold … it is very hard. One theory of mine as to why this has been effective for the corrupt for so long is it’s hitting the people where it hurts most … their children. After devastating a loving, caring adult where it hurts most, emotionally, wiping them out financially appears to seal the deal in rendering them useless. So, what is left for those of us who have managed to live and breathe, despite longtime, multiple losses. I see so many out there.
      Thank you for reading and your comments. You have been outspoken and tireless in putting valuable information out there for those of us who are desperately looking beyond the trauma. I have only experienced and wish I could do more to help my children, myself, and everyone who has experienced these tragedies.
      A Mother Still In Mississippi

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