Crazy? Some Parents May Make You Feel Like It!

Perfect expression of family courts and broken system used by abusive ex-spouses to terrorize protective parent and child(ren)!!!

From Torn 2 Pieces 2 Peace

Crazy-making words:

“You don’t have to see her. You’re old enough to decide, & if she complains to the court, all you’ll have to do is speak up, & the court will let you stay with me full-time, anyway. You’re old enough, & you don’t want to be with her. So we can take this to court, & you can just tell them that you never want to see her again. Tell them the truth. I’ll stand up for you.” (from H.G. Beverly’s memoir, The Other Side of Charm: Your Memoir)

If you have ever experienced this kind of pressure & insensitivity from a parent — you must be very tough by now.

It’s a parent’s job to show respect & value for your other parent because you were born with the right to love both parents & ALL family members. Period.

It’s your parents’ job to HELP you enjoy…

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