Mother’s Day, PAS, and Family Court Corruption

Mother’s Day has not been anything real for me since the beginning of PAS of my 21 year old daughter, in 2007. All these years later, my 16 year old son has fallen into the alienation, WITH the help, or lack of help from the so-called court-appointed professionals, and, I now face my 1st Mother’s Day that my youngest, 13 year old daughter is showing solid signs of PAS and distancing herself. I do not know if I will visit with her at all this Mother’s Day. One child was like a surreal blow that I went into shock over, second child was agony and long-held scream of protest that kicked me into reality, frantically educating myself with how to battle PAS while battling courts, ex, etc., … the third and youngest child?… feels worse than death. idk … it’s worse than a nightmare and very hard to avoid feeling as if you have failed them all miserably. Divided we fall … the irony. I hope and pray for awareness and education in order to unite, RE-UINTE so many of us, the broken, severed families wandering around in so much pain. Prayers to all who are experiencing this same pain. It’s indescribable. And, many thanks, deepest gratitude to those who have been paving the way, forging ahead through all of this confusing nonsense ahead of us these many years, writing, studying, educating. Without them, without their putting a name, definition, to these atrocities, I believe I would have fallen through the cracks many years ago. God Bless You!


8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day, PAS, and Family Court Corruption

  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about being shocked. #ParentalAlienation is traumatizing & the corrupt & indifferent & incompetent courts make you feel like you’re in the Twilight Zone as they victimize you further & horrify you by putting your child into the complete world of a hateful, spiteful, & emotionally abusive parent. Thank you for speaking out.

      1. You are so welcome. I am sickened that this goes on & the system does not seem to care. I recommend connecting with Helen “H.G.” Beverly, author of The Other Side of Charm, if you haven’t already done so. I am sorry you & your kids are dealing with this. It is a moral crime & outrage.

    1. Thank You! Kids DO deserve to know … mine never knew what hit them, still struggle with confusion, anger, depression, … it’s so … AVOIDABLE, for one thing?! Awareness is the only way to prevent further “infection” … I like your wording for that. Exactly what it is.

    1. Thank you, your response matters more than I can say. This is the first we’ve experienced “others” and, real sympathy, empathy, support. We’ve all been wandering alone in the dark wasteland far too long. I hope it will matter to others, prevent more waste. It feels too late for my own children’s childhoods but surely some good can come out of it. Thanks so much. Bobbie

  2. I will! I wish I’d had this networking/info share help years ago but will make the best use of it now. Thanks for refers, feedback, etc. I’ve not heard of this author and will look her up. I’m always on lookout for new help, material, advice. I’m encouraged by the recent increase in headlines, articles, reporting, blogging … maybe 2014 will bring new oversight, exposure, real help for our children, and us. Bless you!

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