Common Responses After Losing a Child (for Protective Moms)

ty so much for this post.. in all my searching this is one topic that I’ve never come across and it’s necessary to share. All that a protective mother has to endure and cope with, in addition to the suffering she endures in whatever visitation agreement has been imposed upon her just to see her children. The shock of it all is excruciating and the worst part of it is that in most cases it is only the beginning … most mothers are forced to battle for years to have any place back in their own children’s lives.

Protective Mothers' Alliance International

A list of common responses/reactions after losing a child in a family court proceeding

I feel it is important to distinguish the loss and being related to family court proceedings because often times the process involves factors that re-traumatize the family and prolong any possibility of stabilizing the family. In essence, there is a distinct type of grief that follows losing a child due to unjust proceedings that villify a parent trying to protect their children.

Mothers who loose their children in family court proceedings often experience (and report):

* Character assination and/or emotional abuse of the mother (who may be labelled as having “Parental Alienation Syndrome” or “Malicious Mom Syndrome”)

* Minimizing past abuse and its affects/Minimizing the current danger

* Legal proceedings that deny a mother of her legal rights

* Feeling threatened or coerced by court personnel

*Expensive legal or court costs, often resulting in severe…

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