Daily update for my Boys 27 May 2014

🙂 thank you for these inspirational writings, words and pics, they bring much needed lift

The Story of my Twin Boys Oliver and Oscar Ferreira











Hello Little Men!

Hope you muppets are doing very well….

I got some emails from Lancaster and Preston Court to confirm that tomorrow’s hearing is now definitely off until we receive direction from Judge Rawkins , the Court also confirmed that they received my open letter to Judge Rawkins and all the attachments and have passed these to him , so it seems now we wait and see how he wants to handle our case going forward. I will keep you post if I get any news in this regard 🙂

I had dinner with Ouma and Oupa tonight , they both send all their love and big cyber cuddles for you , O and I had some of your birthday cake ! I think you monkeys would have loved it , it is chocolate , very , very nice….

Had a fair bit of work stuff to sort today…

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