How Narcissists Abuse Children During Divorce

Should be required reading for all professionals, educators, etc. in addition to ALL parents as well. There is so much ignorance, unnecessary suffering associated with this.

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Narcissists often use children as pawns during and after divorce. Learn to identify this emotional abuse of children caught in the middle.
The emotional abuse by a narcissist is pervasive and insidious. It impacts not only the narcissist’s spouse but his or her children as well. Once divorce proceedings begin, the narcissist’s abuse will likely escalate. Narcissists will use any means possible to gain control of the situation or to make themselves look better. Children become perfect pawns for narcissistic parents to use against their spouses. Identifying how narcissistic parents abuse their children is the first step to devising strategies to minimize abuse and help children cope.

Using Children as Pawns in Divorce

Narcissistic parents will often seek custody of children during a divorce even if previously they were not involved parents. It’s important to them to appear to be the better parent. Also, if they…

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3 thoughts on “How Narcissists Abuse Children During Divorce

  1. If I had only known. My son was used as a weapon against everyone that loved him when the ex didn’t get what she wanted. Long story, sad ending. This information could save lives. Thanks for posting!

    1. I’m sorry for you, for your son. All of us who have experienced this know how hard it is to watch, live, survive and almost always it seems the endings are sad. Thank you for read and reply. Hopefully all of us together can call attention to this, spread awareness, educate. It’s hard to do for others, I know, while shocked and grieving for your own child. Thanks again.

      1. Thank you for your reply. My son and I are now able to enjoy each other’s company on our own terms now. We never lost hope. I wish the same for others.

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