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I am so sorry, I understand, and know how you feel. I just want to thank you for the effort you make each time you go back in and endure those horrors, and, to find it in you to update, blog, even speak of it is an incredible testament to your strength and determination. Reading of , taking part in and sharing in others pain, stories, experiences helps so much. I sincerely appreciate your sharing your pain in order to help me through my own (as it surely does) … only another who truly “knows” can share something of this nature. I pray for your continued strength, and for many positive, happy changes in the very near future for you and your daughter. And I pray those who have hurt you, and likely many others out there will get what they deserve, and publicly too (as their fake, false reputations are what they care about most besides the money). Thanks again for sharing.


Just a quick update. I know I have been M.I.A. this month. I have not been blogging much lately. Trial did not go too well. As expected with Judge Nazaratien. It was just another mom-bashing session where only I was grilled to no end and harassed. The ex-husband, as always, sailed thru with not even one question asked of him by the Judge. It was just yet another sideshow in the Circus that is Judge Nazaratien’s “family” courtroom. This man made up his mind from day one. We, of course, ran out of time as always. No closing arguments, no nothing. Some trial that is. Most of my issues were not even addressed. As usual. Judge already asked my ex-husband’s lawyer to draw up an order. Therefore, his mind was made up before he even left the bench. Obviously, he has no plans to review case law or anything else before ruling. Case…

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Another good day for daddy ………

Coming across these stories, these actions on the part of other hateful, vengeful parents out there, who, like my ex-husband, find joy, pleasure and some strange sense of self-importance and value to their acts intent on destroying their ex spouse and using innocent children to do so. This is truly sick and so very said for all of humanity. I am very familiar with this form of abuse, punishment, helplessness, grief, loss….

No Hope For Defense in Family Court

Perfectly worded, and, the summary couldn’t be stated any better … “It’s time our legal system knows that the families who use family court are abused by family court. Do not be silent!” …
So many of us find ourselves floundering, drowning in the swirl of horror, shock, disbelief, grief, etc. a myriad of traumatic emotions, not to mention the near impossibility of maintaining any type of normalcy, footing in society, living, careers … all of which mean nothing without our children. These are the reasons for which these atrocities have been allowed to go on for so long. Disable loving parents by crippling them with their love of their children, and, raise a generation of abused, neglected, maltreated, betrayed children who have no trust in our courts, authority figures, teachers, counselors, etc. It is not so hard to understand once you get past the horror. Reporting is essential … some, MOST, of us cannot (for various reasons) even think of doing so until our court cases and battles end, one way or another. I for one am nearing the end after nearly a decade and am bracing myself, trying to find the words to write, which means re-live, the horror. It’s not going to be easy but I am determined to do so for the memory of my children, for me as their mother with whom they were once lovingly attached and bonded to, and, for others out there who need and want to know.

SA leads the way in recognizing that the relationship between parents and their children is a constitutionally protected right in contrast to the United States which tortures parents and their children.

America’s Third World Justice System at it’s worst

Court of Appeal, Superior Court and Supreme Court News

The constitutional court in South Africa provided a case analysis of what South Africa considers to be a protected right to a parent child relationship under South African law and international law, when it struck down sections of the children’s act. The court specifically recognized that “Children’s rights, and the rights relating to family life, bear tremendous importance in a caring constitutional democracy”. In this case the court struck down a procedure where children could be removed from a parent by the state without having automatic access to a court within 48 hours from said removal. The court found that the prior 90 day holding period of the child by the state, instituted as a policy, pending a report from a social worker was unconstitutional, NOT A REASONABLE TIME FRAME, and not in accord with the preservation of the parent child relationship that the South African constitution mandated. The case…

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Divorce Corp truly was/is the tip of the iceberg. Those of us embroiled in such painful, endless cruelty and abuses are rendered helpless, in one way or another, to help our children while communities around us putter around seemingly unaware of the suffering. Though I am well aware Divorce Corp did not even scratch the surface with the many angles and issues regarding corrupt courts, professionals, money trails, and the bitter “ex’s” who utilize these to carry out their own agendas of abuse, I am grateful to the creators of Divorce Corp for putting a foot soundly in the door and opening up these discussions. I can only hope and pray for a Divorce Corp 2, 3, 4, 5, etc…. ALL of the varying issues and stories CAN and WILL be publicized and addressed. I pray sooner than later.
Still A Mother in Mississippi

Custody Calculations 702-675-5120


When Divorce Corp premiered in San Diego on January 10, 2014, I was there as a guest of the director, Joe Sorge. I was part of three panelists presenting to the audience after the film on the impact of divorce. A retired law enforcement officer for approximately 24 years and now a Divorce Coach, I have been dealing with Family Law for 30 plus years


Joe does a great job with the film but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The impact of Family Law is so far more invasive effecting every fiber of our social structure; everything from financial markets, loans, credit cards, bankruptcy to police, schools, social services, real estate, hospitals, emergency rooms, workman’s compensation. Businesses are dealing with violence in the workplace, civil and criminal lawsuits related to the divorces/custody fights of their employees. These are just a few examples of the impact…

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Righting the wrongs and restoring reality: the road after reunification

It is “little wonder so many targeted parents feels as if they’re losing their sanity” … the word around seemingly watches on, apathetic the their plight, their children’s pain.
Thank you for your insight, expressing what so many of us are living through, helping guide us back to even the hope of some kind of normalcy in a future relationship with not only our children, but, with the world around us.

Karen Woodall

This week I have been thinking about the post residence change child and the challenges that face the family living in the new household as well as those living in the household that the child has been removed from.  I was reminded of the challenges by the arrival of this email, from a parent I worked with last year. This was a relatively easy case to ‘treat’ because it was one of those very rare pure cases which from the outset I knew would be remedied by removal.  What I am reminded of however is that treating the case was only the start for the targeted parent.  What happens afterwards can be as bewildering and emotionally charged as everything that went before, a stark underlining of the fact that alienation in its purest form is a terrifying experience and one which leaves a family absolutely shell shocked for months and…

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THE ONCE A MONTH MOTHER : Grief, Loss, Motherhood & Injustice

Very moving, compelling. Thank you for articulating your experience. I know how painful it was to do, is to live with. Your effort is not in vain … this is the only way to spread awareness, garner the support, attention, empathy we all need to end all this needless suffering. It is truly a horrific tragedy. You are not alone.

Family Court Injustice

 Grief is a voice forced into silence that is crying to be heard by those you cannot reach…

 I want you to understand what it is like to be a mother grieving for her children who are alive, and live within driving distance, but due to an unjust court order, your contact with the children is limited to just one visit a month. Even worse, the court gave the abuser the power to decide if you can see the children at any other time (the answer is no), and what information you can receive about their basic care (school, daycare, medical, etc)—and he refuses to communicate in any way or share any information. As a result, I am being alienated from my children with the court’s consent.

 It goes against everything that makes me a mother to stand by and watch this happen to my kids—I cannot…

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Daughter Begs Mom: Get a Lawyer

I’ve lived this so similarly that it physically pained me to read but I am so glad I did. Strength in numbers, therapy in wading into the pain slowly, with trusted “others” who know how it feels to live with a painted smile on the outside while silently screaming on the inside, having your child ask those “why know one cares” “why money matters” “please DO something” … it goes on and on, I well know. Thank you for sharing. It encourages me to try once again to rally the strength to keep plugging, and also try to put our own sordid, unbelievable story in words to share. I am most grateful for everyone who shares. It helps others who are suffering similarly. I have come to see this forum, information, story-sharing as a family of sorts that no one else on earth can every truly understand.

Family Court Injustice

My daughter, JJ, was angry—so much, it seemed she would reach up and shake the clouds until they thunder, and cold bullets of rain explode against the Earth.

 The day started out so well—sleeping in late, and cuddling up on the couch with bowels of cold cereal on our laps while we watched cartoons. Then visiting the grandparents she missed and repeatedly asked to see. JJ romped and played with her cousins in the bright afternoon sun. She splashed in the pool, and dried off jumping on the trampoline. Grandpa ordered a pizza for lunch, and we all dove in—cheese dripping off our fingers, our faces smeared with spicy tomato sauce signaled delight.


JJ didn’t want to leave. I couldn’t blame her—her father, Mr. X, decided that he doesn’t like my parents and has been actively working to keep my children separated from their maternal grandparents, basically all…

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Daily update for my Boys 12 June 2014

The Story of my Twin Boys Oliver and Oscar Ferreira







Hello Little Men!

Hope you muppets are doing well!

As I am sure you have seen we got a Court order today from Judge Rawkins , still no directions or status update on what the Court wants to do , thus it seems after 2 weeks of waiting again we have to wait some more , maybe he is taking his time to read all the documents or maybe he is just busy , either way waiting for directions is all we can do for now!

Can’t stay long tonight as I need to shower and get ready for dinner , so just wanted to check in , say a quick hello and find out how you both are doing …

Had a good day here , got lots done again , month end reports etc should all be in tomorrow , we are doing half day , so the…

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“Systems Induced Trauma.” Beyond victimization by Abusers Using Abusive System

Succinctly, the definition of being run into the ground by such system based problems is called “Systems Induced Trauma.” Beyond victimization in a specific social or family situation, the family, one or all members are further agitated, abused or traumatized by the applied services and policies of systems that interlock without oversight, basically trapping the persons perpetuating a complaint without safety and resolutions.

The US Department of Justice is ready now to consider cases of chaos caused by State child and family courts. USDOJ is calling for child custody outlines in a format. The purpose of providing the outline is for the writer to simply and systematically give structured information regarding the problem case in question.

Some cases are so problematic, as with the classic case illustrated in the October 2012 Documentary of Holly Collins, called “No Way Out But One”, that the parent is forced to flee the situation, due to deafness in authorities, investigators, systems system law and policy, court law and policy, and court systems.

The US Department of Justice wants timelines of these outrageous cases.

Just complete and send your case in this format to

Mary Seguin at