You Are Enough (Dedicated to my newborn, 2000)

A poem I wrote shortly after the birth of my youngest child, my daughter, Miranda Grace, who was born healthy and beautiful in August of 2000 after a very complicated, high-risk pregnancy.  I penned and dedicated this poem to my newborn at this time of such incredible relief, immense thanksgiving and gratitude. Due to health complications, and, life circumstances, I was also fully aware that I would never again experience the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth which made it even more so a time of bittersweet joy and reflection ….



If I never do anything more

Being part of the cycle in giving life anew

Other gifts of nature’s bounty pale

Beside the wondrous creation of you

I take no credit other than being a gardener

Enriched with the blessing of your growth

Before you I could never imagine this force

Such an awesome canyon of love

With an ethereal waterfall splashing

Cool drops of joy sprinkling

On my otherwise ordinary existence

I could never do anything to deserve

Being worthy of this gift I’ve received

And only because of you do I dare believe  

I could leave a mark upon this world

It is already a place better than before

And if I never do anything more

You are enough

By Bobbie R. Hardin  




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