Daughter Begs Mom: Get a Lawyer

I’ve lived this so similarly that it physically pained me to read but I am so glad I did. Strength in numbers, therapy in wading into the pain slowly, with trusted “others” who know how it feels to live with a painted smile on the outside while silently screaming on the inside, having your child ask those “why know one cares” “why money matters” “please DO something” … it goes on and on, I well know. Thank you for sharing. It encourages me to try once again to rally the strength to keep plugging, and also try to put our own sordid, unbelievable story in words to share. I am most grateful for everyone who shares. It helps others who are suffering similarly. I have come to see this forum, information, story-sharing as a family of sorts that no one else on earth can every truly understand.

Family Court Injustice

My daughter, JJ, was angry—so much, it seemed she would reach up and shake the clouds until they thunder, and cold bullets of rain explode against the Earth.

 The day started out so well—sleeping in late, and cuddling up on the couch with bowels of cold cereal on our laps while we watched cartoons. Then visiting the grandparents she missed and repeatedly asked to see. JJ romped and played with her cousins in the bright afternoon sun. She splashed in the pool, and dried off jumping on the trampoline. Grandpa ordered a pizza for lunch, and we all dove in—cheese dripping off our fingers, our faces smeared with spicy tomato sauce signaled delight.


JJ didn’t want to leave. I couldn’t blame her—her father, Mr. X, decided that he doesn’t like my parents and has been actively working to keep my children separated from their maternal grandparents, basically all…

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