THE ONCE A MONTH MOTHER : Grief, Loss, Motherhood & Injustice

Very moving, compelling. Thank you for articulating your experience. I know how painful it was to do, is to live with. Your effort is not in vain … this is the only way to spread awareness, garner the support, attention, empathy we all need to end all this needless suffering. It is truly a horrific tragedy. You are not alone.

Family Court Injustice

 Grief is a voice forced into silence that is crying to be heard by those you cannot reach…

 I want you to understand what it is like to be a mother grieving for her children who are alive, and live within driving distance, but due to an unjust court order, your contact with the children is limited to just one visit a month. Even worse, the court gave the abuser the power to decide if you can see the children at any other time (the answer is no), and what information you can receive about their basic care (school, daycare, medical, etc)—and he refuses to communicate in any way or share any information. As a result, I am being alienated from my children with the court’s consent.

 It goes against everything that makes me a mother to stand by and watch this happen to my kids—I cannot…

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