Righting the wrongs and restoring reality: the road after reunification

It is “little wonder so many targeted parents feels as if they’re losing their sanity” … the word around seemingly watches on, apathetic the their plight, their children’s pain.
Thank you for your insight, expressing what so many of us are living through, helping guide us back to even the hope of some kind of normalcy in a future relationship with not only our children, but, with the world around us.

Karen Woodall

This week I have been thinking about the post residence change child and the challenges that face the family living in the new household as well as those living in the household that the child has been removed from.  I was reminded of the challenges by the arrival of this email, from a parent I worked with last year. This was a relatively easy case to ‘treat’ because it was one of those very rare pure cases which from the outset I knew would be remedied by removal.  What I am reminded of however is that treating the case was only the start for the targeted parent.  What happens afterwards can be as bewildering and emotionally charged as everything that went before, a stark underlining of the fact that alienation in its purest form is a terrifying experience and one which leaves a family absolutely shell shocked for months and…

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