SA leads the way in recognizing that the relationship between parents and their children is a constitutionally protected right in contrast to the United States which tortures parents and their children.

America’s Third World Justice System at it’s worst

Court of Appeal, Superior Court and Supreme Court News

The constitutional court in South Africa provided a case analysis of what South Africa considers to be a protected right to a parent child relationship under South African law and international law, when it struck down sections of the children’s act. The court specifically recognized that “Children’s rights, and the rights relating to family life, bear tremendous importance in a caring constitutional democracy”. In this case the court struck down a procedure where children could be removed from a parent by the state without having automatic access to a court within 48 hours from said removal. The court found that the prior 90 day holding period of the child by the state, instituted as a policy, pending a report from a social worker was unconstitutional, NOT A REASONABLE TIME FRAME, and not in accord with the preservation of the parent child relationship that the South African constitution mandated. The case…

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