No Hope For Defense in Family Court

Perfectly worded, and, the summary couldn’t be stated any better … “It’s time our legal system knows that the families who use family court are abused by family court. Do not be silent!” …
So many of us find ourselves floundering, drowning in the swirl of horror, shock, disbelief, grief, etc. a myriad of traumatic emotions, not to mention the near impossibility of maintaining any type of normalcy, footing in society, living, careers … all of which mean nothing without our children. These are the reasons for which these atrocities have been allowed to go on for so long. Disable loving parents by crippling them with their love of their children, and, raise a generation of abused, neglected, maltreated, betrayed children who have no trust in our courts, authority figures, teachers, counselors, etc. It is not so hard to understand once you get past the horror. Reporting is essential … some, MOST, of us cannot (for various reasons) even think of doing so until our court cases and battles end, one way or another. I for one am nearing the end after nearly a decade and am bracing myself, trying to find the words to write, which means re-live, the horror. It’s not going to be easy but I am determined to do so for the memory of my children, for me as their mother with whom they were once lovingly attached and bonded to, and, for others out there who need and want to know.


2 thoughts on “No Hope For Defense in Family Court

    1. Thank You! I am hanging in and hanging on!, and trying to do some positive, passing along (paying forward) when I can, all helpful advice and information. I truly appreciate reads, responses, and all of the time and effort other advocates and fellow sufferers have put into their help sites and blogs. These just weren’t so easily found just 2 and 3 short years ago. I hope this means our cause is finally standing on solid ground and ready to educate, inform, and reform our court systems for all children and protective parents. Thank you so much Wendi.

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