I am so sorry, I understand, and know how you feel. I just want to thank you for the effort you make each time you go back in and endure those horrors, and, to find it in you to update, blog, even speak of it is an incredible testament to your strength and determination. Reading of , taking part in and sharing in others pain, stories, experiences helps so much. I sincerely appreciate your sharing your pain in order to help me through my own (as it surely does) … only another who truly “knows” can share something of this nature. I pray for your continued strength, and for many positive, happy changes in the very near future for you and your daughter. And I pray those who have hurt you, and likely many others out there will get what they deserve, and publicly too (as their fake, false reputations are what they care about most besides the money). Thanks again for sharing.


Just a quick update. I know I have been M.I.A. this month. I have not been blogging much lately. Trial did not go too well. As expected with Judge Nazaratien. It was just another mom-bashing session where only I was grilled to no end and harassed. The ex-husband, as always, sailed thru with not even one question asked of him by the Judge. It was just yet another sideshow in the Circus that is Judge Nazaratien’s “family” courtroom. This man made up his mind from day one. We, of course, ran out of time as always. No closing arguments, no nothing. Some trial that is. Most of my issues were not even addressed. As usual. Judge already asked my ex-husband’s lawyer to draw up an order. Therefore, his mind was made up before he even left the bench. Obviously, he has no plans to review case law or anything else before ruling. Case…

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