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Free Webinar 27th July 2014 with Karen and Nick Woodall

Karen Woodall

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Please note – the biography above is an old one, I no longer work at the Centre for Separated Families which closed last year.

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Daily update for my Boys 18 July 2014

The Story of my Twin Boys Oliver and Oscar Ferreira







Good afternoon Little Men!

I hope my Champs are very , very fine today:-)

I am at the airport in Cape Town waiting for my flight , a little life lesson , a 6am flight to CA is always a great idea when you book it , until the day your alarm goes off at 3 am for you to get up and get ready for the very flight ! Never again ! I say !

Putting the zombi mode aside , 3 red bulls and around 8 cuppa chinos later it has been a pretty productive day so all worth it in the end. I can say this , I am going straight to bed when I get home , hope the maid got all the stuff sorted I left for her or I might have to go book into a hotel for the weekend , lol

I see…

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Birthday Reflections

Thank you for sharing this. There are many out here who understand this kind of pain. You are incredibly strong and have encouraged me at a time when I most need it. Bless you.



I had a good birthday this year.   Even without hearing from the most important person in the world to me – my son, I managed to have a “good” birthday.  It held simple, quiet pleasures, yet mixed with profound grief and loss. The meaning of “good” has evolved, to be sure.  When I was a child, I thought a good birthday was loads of fun, presents, and of course FIREWORKS!  Born (almost) on the Fourth of July… the perfect way to celebrate! As a very involved, stay-at-home Mom, my idea of the perfect birthday was to spend it with my son and ex-husband, talk on the phone to lots of friends and family, but mostly do something together as a little nuclear family.  Of course, the centerpiece was something so simple but priceless – a hand-made treasure from my sweet young son, catching fireflies after seeing the fireworks, and…

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