Praying for Leaders – Email to Elected Leaders re: Family Court Reform, Oversight, Accountability

I am praying for you and all of our Mississippi leaders as well as leaders across the Nation.

There are many of us, citizens who have suffered due to unjust family court proceedings. Though we, along with our children, can never reclaim what was wrongfully taken, we continue to unite and call out for change. Proper legislation, oversight, and accountability can END further violations to loving, fit parents and suffering children.
Will you please take a moment today to peruse our sites, forums, discussions. You have been divinely placed into a position in which you can do something positive for your constituents, your fellow citizens, fellow mothers and fathers.
If you enjoy any relationship with your own children, or grandchildren, then I beg you to never take it for granted. Many of us have lost this right and look to you for help as we work toward positive change for future generations, families.
Have a blessed day.
Still A Mother In Mississippi

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