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Abandoned Parents: The Devil’s Dilemma:

Parental Alienation

Abandoned Parents: The Devil’s Dilemma: The Causes and Consequences of Adult Children Abandoning Their ParentsPaperback– August 27, 2014

Adult children who abandon their parents are becoming an issue around the globe. This book is about the causes and consequences.

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Reuniting with your alienated child – a spring message of hope

Karen Woodall

This week has been something of a milestone in my work with alienated children and their parents and, whilst it has been a somewhat exhausting week, I wanted to pick up my pen and write a few lines of hope for all parents coping with living apart from their children.

My working week began with sessions between older children and their dads, children who are now on the cusp of adulthood and who have reconnected with their fathers after seeking them out.

Thank goodness for Facebook is all I can say.  This social media, unknown to us only a decade ago, appears to be responsible for an increasing number of what are called ‘spontaneous reunifications.’ Spontaneous reunification is when a child comes out of the alienated state of their own volition and actively seeks to restore the relationship with a lost parent.  And Facebook appears to be playing a huge…

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What alienated parents don’t know and what alienating parents don’t tell them

Karen Woodall

This post is part of the process of finishing off the book I am writing about parental alienation. Launching soon will be our therapeutic coaching services for alienated parents, using an approach which we have developed at the Family Separation Clinic.  This approach is unique to us and is based upon almost ten years of work with parents who are alienated from their children. It is an approach we are having success with and, combined with  our new handbook, it is an approach that we know will put power back into the hands of alienated parents.  This approach is based upon what alienated parents don’t know and what alienating parents don’t tell them.  This approach is, in our view, one of the secrets to resolving alienation in children and it puts power into the hands of the people who can do that most effectively of all.  You.


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Mother shaming: the dynamics of the alienating father

Karen Woodall

It is often said that parental alienation is not a gender issue, by this people mean that the issue can affect either mothers or fathers. At first glance however, it would appear that alienated mothers are in the minority, but in reality they are not so small a group.  What faces alienated mothers however is something so deeply unpleasant and so deeply shaming, that it is small wonder that so many women in these circumstances do not reveal to the outside world what has happened to them.  Not only do alienated mothers face the loss of their children and all of the grief and suffering that goes with that, they face the hostile and deeply suspicious attitudes of society at large, where the belief that if a mother has lost her children, she must have done something dreadful to deserve it, is an obstinate and poisonous mindset.

This mindset is…

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