GUARDIAN AD LITEM SYSTEM IN EXPOSED, article by the Augusta Chronicle



Cases and complaints have been pouring in for months from the Augusta judicial district after we first investigated and reported on cases where evidence was being suppressed and children harmed.

Good parents and grandparents have been undermined and even blocked from seeing children, even when there was no justification for this.

Billing records are now being reviewed and are showing discrepancies that explain why parents are failing financially as they can’t keep up with the financial burden, let alone understand what they are being charged for to see that things don’t add up.

This article by the Augusta Chronicle is based on very compelling research that enlightens citizens and leadership about how certain bad actors on this stage are able to control outcomes of cases while lining their pockets.

One of the bad actors in the Guardian ad Litem program here is a business owner named Janet Weinberger. This news report by Fox 54 confirmed there are even more cases with complaints against Weinberger for billing issues along with allegations that key evidence was left out of reports leaving children and parents unprotected and destabilized. To see previous news reports related to this judicial district, click here.

My Advocate Center’s analysis is opening the door for larger investigations and for consideration of civil actions to help victims recover from damages caused in these cases. At the very least the data is building to a point that state leaders and advocates across the country will have a clear picture of the direction needing to be taken to improve public safety.

To learn more about our case studies, to contribute to this effort to improve family stability and health, or to report case details or other billing records, please contact us here.


8 thoughts on “GUARDIAN AD LITEM SYSTEM IN EXPOSED, article by the Augusta Chronicle

  1. Reblogged this on MyDivorcePain and commented:
    I wanted a “Guardian Ad Litem” for my children in my first contempt of court hearing. The Judge refused.
    I really think that MOST G.A.L representatives would be ethical. (I hope so anyway)

    1. how to restore kids ; on Youtube / 071 – Karl Lentz , 080 – , 022 – , 029 – / Karl Lentz 203 / Karl Lentz 5 – Letter / Karl Lentz 27 ; by a one sentence Claim , trespass , restore property , then you can prosecute each woman/man aka ; judge/lawyer/etc

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    Georgia: Guardian ad Litem exposed, improperly billing and driving families into financial ruin, “In Augusta’s Judicial Circuit, bills are not collected or audited; there are no rules requiring Superior Court judges to assign cases on a rotation; and guardians have the power to hold clients in contempt to recover unpaid fees, an action that many parents say they’re threatened with if bills are not paid in five to 10 days, as requested. ..” (Wesley Brown, Augusta Chronicle, 11/29/2014:

  3. Interested in helping to make a positive change in the Minnesota GAL Program? Interested in supporting Protective Parents and their Children? Needing support?

    Take the first step… Join the parent led advocacy and support group A Call to Action ~ Together We are Stronger at the January State GAL Board Meeting!

    State Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) Board Meeting, next Friday, January 16, 2015 at 9:00 am at the St. Paul Judicial Center. 25 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. St. Paul, MN 55155

    The first 15 minutes of each Board meeting is open for members of the public to meet with the Board – ALL are welcome to attend!

    A Call to Action, a group of concerned parents, will be presenting a group message in our ongoing effort to raise complaints about a particular Guardian ad Litem, and addressing systematic problems in the GAL program. After the public comments, we will be meeting upstairs in the 2 floor lunch room. Please join us in our support of families and children involved in family court litigation, together we ARE stronger!

    For more info:

  4. Dr. Joseph Frey PhD ABPP is part of the racket going on in Augusta GA. Frey does court work and is a custody evaluator who has come under intense scrutiny. Dr. Joseph Frey is a member of the Westlake Country Club and plays golf on his spare time. Dr. Frey is also a member if the Evans Lions Club. Frey loves to cook Cajun food. It has been said that Frey has made over 300,000 a year in court appointed custody evaluations in Augusta.

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