Gossipy Feathers on the Wind

I’ve been offline a little while for reasons to best help my family, and this topic is what I have found to be the cause of most of the damage for much of the suffering I have seen among others suffering similar to what I have, to what has been the root of so many unnecessary split and suffering children, parents, loved ones. I hope others help share this, and take notice. It seems such a basic lesson, watching one’s words, repeating stories, gossip, making up and telling untrue stories, lies, but, it seems so many children grow to adulthood never understanding the tremendous power of their words, slander, lies … these turn into the adults who are actively involved in our everyday lives, the lives of our children, making decisions, influencing, etc. It’s a vicious cycle. This is too important a lesson to overlook. Thanks for your post.

One Christian Dad


A man grew jealous of his friend’s life, and since he was upset that his own life was falling apart, he devised a scheme to take the heat off of himself. He began to spread gossip about his friend all through the church and on Facebook. Hurtful, slanderous, lies aimed at hurting and ruining his friend’s reputation. Soon everyone was talking about the story. After a while he is convicted of his guilt and he confesses his sin to his friend, and asks for forgiveness.

His friend is willing to forgive him but first he hands him  a down filled pillow and a knife, and says, “Take this pillow to the top of the highest building in town and release all the feathers into the wind, then come back to me.” Confused, the the man agrees to fulfil this strange task. When he returns to his friend and asks for his forgiveness…

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