NEVER Say To An Alienated Parent:

Here is a list of things to never say to an alienated parent.

1. Get over it. Focus on the child you have. Before you even think about this, please have a look at your own children and decide which one you would choose to forget exists.

2. It will be ok. No, it won’t. Memories are being destroyed and your child is being taught to hate you. This is never ok. Never. EVER!

3. I know how you feel. Do you? Have you gone years and not seen your child? Unless you have, don’t even go there.

4. Your child is ok. No. An alienated child is an abused child. Abuse is never ok. EVER. Denying rights and contact is a direct violation and outright emotional abuse. This is never ok.

5. It will get easier in time. No, it won’t. Ever. Because time heals nothing. It creates more distance and a bigger loss that can never be replaced. Think of lost milestones.

6. It’s not like (s)he’s dead. Isn’t it? Know what? Accepting the loss of a child is easier when they’re dead. Because its final and there has to be acceptance. Living grief is torture.

7. Back to no 1 here. Think about your other child. Yeah, you think I don’t? The one who constantly asks why? Again, don’t even dare go there.

Granted it’s hard to know what to say to anyone in a difficult situation and that’s fine. But there is NO excuse for any of the above.

Hearts Apart – Raising Awareness Of Parental Alienation‘s post


2 thoughts on “NEVER Say To An Alienated Parent:

  1. The only child that I concentrate on because she is around me is my kin but not my child but my brothers child, my niece. And I am glad that I have her in my life as she is a wonderful blessing, but she is not mine, all my children were kidnapped when I complained about a female CPS worker molesting my daughter….

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