Minding the empathy gap: mapping the world of the alienated child

Thank you for your work, sharing your knowledge, experience. Without professionals, real and experienced “EXPERTS” such as yourself, the definitions, explanations, descriptions, predictions, would continue to circle around among the non-professionals, others in charge, community leaders, educators, etc. and all of this would continue to convolute these issues that are hurting children, hurting their loved ones. Your work is much appreciated by those of us who need it. Education and awareness, and working together, is the only way to bring any end, any comfort and healing, to these terrible matters.

Karen Woodall

One of the more complicated pieces of work that we do at the Family Separation Clinic is assist parents in hybrid cases of alienation to repair their relationship with their children.  These cases are sometimes presented as being not parental alienation but justified rejection because the children involved can talk about the things that a parent has done which have caused their withdrawal and these things, are indeed often observable in the parent.  These cases are however within the alienation spectrum because the child involved has utilised the coping mechanism of complete rejection of a parent in order to deal with the dilemma that they face.

I have said before and it is worth repeating today, children do not use the coping mechanism of complete rejection of a parent unless they are in a position where they have no other option but to do so. This situation can arise because…

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