Thinking Out Loud: 2013 research, and, something IS rotten …. 

I have been reviewing and sorting through my research from the past five years or so, and I came across this file, article from journalist Janie McQueen. I remember so well how relieved I was to find Janie, a real, live person, a mother, no less, who was also a talented journalist, who was shining a much-needed light on issues of good mothers losing custody, maternal deprivation, wrongful and severed bonds between mothers and children, Family Courts, child custody suits gone wrong, roles professionals play in these decisions, and, of course, what effect all of this was having on a whole generation of children and the mothers that were fighting, and, in most cases, losing, everything, for the children they love and gave birth to.

Shortly after I discovered Janie, she was sharing the plight of another mother, Robin Karr. I was drawn to Robin’s story as well, it surprised and appalled me so (and had striking similarities with my own experiences).

Both Janie and Robin were inspirational to me. Their works combined with exposure from other  authors, psychologists, attorneys, and advocates (Keith  Harmon Snow, Linda Shelton, Barry Goldstein, Richard Ducote, Sunni Kelly, and Susan Skipp), all formed for me a circle of hope, a way to explanation and sometimes validation, which can be so frustratingly necessary when one is battling these issues alone, and most especially necessary for those ever-ready skeptics who would rather not consider the dark places many of us are forced to know and live in unless they have proof and documentation – piles of it. These groundbreakers were like water to my thirsty soul. They were pivotal in helping me change myself and how I reacted and responded to the numerous and terrible abuses and circumstances that had plagued, hurt, abused, and divided, me and my children for so many years. The circumstances that forced me into multiple legal battles, answering ludicrous and false claims, causing me to fear and fight to avoid being jailed for inability to pay GAL fees, imposing undue and harsh travel requirements, long-term, limited and restricted visitations, and, of course, ultimately, the severed relationship between me and two of my children.

Though throughout my own family’s experiences I never doubted that what was happening to us was wrong, unjustified, and horrific, having documented research, studies, definitions, and data available to me from these experienced, highly respected and acclaimed professionals  and citizens was invaluable. From that point on,  I determined to put into place some strategy and thereby developed more effective ways to navigate the minefield, so to speak, in which I dared to speak up and fight Back instead of remaining on defense (Although that’s a normal first response when being relentlessly pummeled it is wise to eventually conclude that behavior will continue because it is purposefully designed to keep you cowering, preventing you from coming up for air – adapt to overcome – so I made my OWN air pocket).  Making these changes was made easier because of these others Who went before me, who left tiny breadcrumbs and lit flares to guide me along the perilous path. And, somehow, I found The odds just were not quite as daunting as before. I was no longer really alone in the universe and I had validation. 

I have continued on my path, often feeling as if I am the proverbial widow begging for justice, presenting evidence, writing or corresponding, sending and exchanging information, absolutely anything that I could do I have and it has NEVER been time wasted. I will continue to fight for the wrongs to be righted, and, always, to remain visible to and connected with my children in every way that I can. They deserve this and so much more. This is certainly not any path I ever dreamed I would ever be on but it has been the path laid before me and I must continue to walk it with tenacity, courage, and honor. NO ONE can deny me that. I take comfort in and purpose from this and in knowing I have it in my power to give something to my children, something unalterable and undeniable, something which is good and right, despite all of the wrongs imposed on us, and which is ours alone … my legacy, my actions, my behavior, my perseverance, my fight for them was, is, and will always be, my gift to each of them (After all is said and done it could be all they ever get to have of me).  I am a mother, more important, I’m THEiR  mother … Of course I’m going to make sure I give them the best.

And, here it is 2015, Robin and Janie teamed up to collaborate on a wonderful project, a young adult fictional book, The Motherless Child Project. I’m so grateful for their hard work, courage, and the time that they put into helping spread awareness and education for this very important cause.

From my Files, 2013:
Mulling over Something Rotten in Texas … (Robin Karr, told through Janie McQueen):

My two youngest children were taken from me before turning 1 and 2 via their abusive father and a corrupt family court judge in Texas,” Robin wrote. “My children never came home. I do not know them.”

Never came home? She doesn’t know them? I was stunned. How could this be? I read on.  “I was only permitted five supervised visits over the years and none since 2004. My children have been denied their birthright – the right to know and be loved by their own mother. I was arrested at one point for breaking down in court and crying when I was told I could no longer see my children even supervised.”

Although I covered crime and legal issues for years, I never heard a court of law inflict such cruelty. Aside from denying Robin her right to exist as a mother, what utter lack of empathy and basic humanity would prompt a judge to order an agonizing mother to jail for exhibiting her pain? This isn’t the first time I’ve wondered if we live in a country that sadistically punishes mothers with the emotional equivalent of stoning: taking away their children and severing their relationships so that some are truly gone forever. I know stoning and misogynistic custody rulings are not the same thing. But most mothers will make the connection.

Moreover, people like Robin Karr have experienced a lack of any recourse whatsoever. Once that door closes, in some cases, the mother can break her fists beating on that door for years and years, but it is sealed shut, never to be opened again. A mother asks for an appeal, and there is no one to hear her,  nowhere to go. In Robin’s case, the very people who should have been helping her, instead betrayed her and propagated the cruelty.

Here is a recent, tremendously powerful series of news stories on Karr’s case, by a Canadian reporter. Pay close attention to Story 2, and what happened when Karr approached a Texas fathers’ rights organization.

  1. A Mother Claims That Corruption in Family Courts Ruined her Life
  2. A Mother’s Battle with Parental Alienation: 15 Years Later
  3. Corruption in Family Court Doesn’t Stop with a Judge or a Lawyer
  4. Robin Karr: A Great Story of Courage and Survival


3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: 2013 research, and, something IS rotten …. 

  1. Many of the tactics used to accomplish the most horrendous of crimes imaginable, that being ripping a child out of the life of a loving and competent parent essentially by defrauding the legal process, can be found in a book called Screw The Bitch, published in 1991 by Dick Hart. This work can be considered the “Bible” of the Extreme Father’s Rights Movement, which is officially recognized as a “hate organization” by the Southern Poverty Rights Center (see this
    This link below will bring you to a pdf file version of the Screw The Bitch Book. I’ve seen this question raised many times, about “where do they come up with these strategies”, so wanted to share this information.…/422834d1358400247-elicit-books-scre...

    1. [PDF]Screw The Bitch – Divorce Tactics For Men – Documenting Reality…/422834d1358400247-elicit-books-scre...
      not be held accountable for the use or misuse ofthe information con- tained in this book. SCREW THE BITCH. Divorce Tactics For Men. @ 1991 by Dick Hart.

      Try googling Screw The Bitch to get to free [PDF] download. Above link not working, sorry about that.
      [PDF]Screw The Bitch – Divorce Tactics For Men – Documenting Reality…/422834d1358400247-elicit-books-scre...

  2. I recall coming across that article on how to “screw the bitch”. It was repulsive and appalling, and sickeningly recognized a lot of its contents to be true and in use. I even came across a couple of other equally disgusting and appalling sites. And they are formed by hate groups and are extremists, fathers using their money, positions and power in their campaign vendettas against ex-wives and should be investigated and punished for their hate crimes . I never doubted these organizations exist … I witnessed many of these tactics they suggest, but unfortunately I was not aware informed before entering family court and me and my children have suffered greatly for my ignorance. My family seems to be nearing some and which after 10 years it’s very possible . It has devastated me, and my children, emotionally and financially and I have recently been gathering information seeking support on how to proceed reunifying with children and perhaps recover hope heal.. not much has been published in the way of endings and attempt at new beginnings or restoration but I am finding some helpful resources and learn more every day and remain hopeful . So while I have been taking some sabbatical during this closing up process I will continue focus on education, advocacy and reform, exposing The actions and dynamics of all corrupt tactics, hate groups and all extremists. I am very painfully aware of, personally know of two wonderful man fit and loving fathers who have been hurt and abused in similar ways, in reverse, being good and loving men. Men Who severed from their children and forced into serious Financial hardship if not destruction. I I have not yet learned enough, or reconciled exactly how and why this happens, or more important one The best and most expeditious ways to rectify but i remain personally vested in change reform and justice, for all . Thank you for commenting, I am still here plugging away, I hope to be more actively involved, of more HELP to others, and soon!

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