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23 Parts to Programming Your Child

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Understanding Brainwashing in the Context of Parental Alienation:

23 Parts to Programming Your Child: Brainwashing in the context of parental alienation. 23 Parts to Programming Your Child: Brainwashing in the context of parental alienation.

Brainwashing is something we normally think of when we talk about a cult or prisoners of war, but is something far less abstract and distant than what most people think and happens in homes around the world. What is brainwashing? In the world of psychology, it is also referred to as thought reform, with its source being social influences.  It’s a way to change someone’s beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. “Brainwashing is a severe form of social influence that combines…[compliance, persuasion, and education]… to cause changes in someone’s way of thinking without that person’s consent and often against his will.” (

  • Compliance – behavior changes
  • Persuasion – attitude changes
  • Education – is considered the “propaganda method” or teaching one’s own distorted “truth”

Brainwashing has been studied since 1929 by Mao…

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I Am Unstoppable (Poetry)

Sharing …. Beautiful expression of Unstoppable Love

Unstoppable Mothers


I brought you into this world

And a judge order took you away

I was not allowed to say good-bye

Or to pack your favorite teddy bear

I have missed so much of your life,

And knowing who you are

My dear child,

My love for you

Is not bound by court order

And I will love you always,

I am unstoppable.

— poem by PMA International, Unstoppable Mothers © 2015


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Another Easter Without My Daughter (Photography and Quote)

Shared by many who know and understand and support this our cause ….

Unstoppable Mothers

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 2.13.40 AM

“Another Easter without my daughter. I miss your giggles joy, and wonder on discovering all your Easter goodies in your basket. I miss making you bunny pancakes and seeing you bite off the ear with glee as the syrup trickles down to your chest. I miss dressing you in your special Easter dress, carefully chosen by us weeks before, and braiding your hair in ribbons and bows as we get ready for church. I miss you asking to borrow a touch of my perfume as you stand tall in front of the mirror admiring the little lady you are – all dressed up on Easter morning. I miss you and our special Easter days.”

Unstoppable Mothers © 2015


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