Teen daughter’s reasons for hating (or is she being used for hate?)

Near verbatim … Exactly how it plays out.

And, This is abuse, lest anyone mistake. It has also been called abuse by proxy and occurs when children are left with no recourse, no protection from the constant badgering, denigrating, insidious remarks, acts and behaviors inflicted by an angry, vindictive ex-husband intended only with destroying an ex-wife and from whom the children are in constant contact and under the influence of. No thought is given to the children at all in exacting the intended revenge, anger, and punishment. The perpetrators verbal and non-verbal communication always employ threats, forcing fears, and causing great uncertainties for the child. Very few children can withstand this treatment, emeshed as they are, and maintain any normal, healthy love or remembrance of their attacked and maligned mothers.

Intervention by professionals has been unheard of in the past but this phenomenon is catching on slowly and is getting some much-needed and overdue attention in the public eye.

A great and powerful loss and grievous harm has been inflicted on countless mothers and children.

From Torn 2 Pieces 2 Peace

My mom doesn’t love me.

She says she does, but I know better. She’s never loved me.

Dad is the only one who loves me.

Dad lets me eat cheese curls, and watch TV and play video games.

I hardly get any snacks at Mom’s house, and worse, she wants me to eat dinner before getting treats. Mom is so mean. Also, Mom doesn’t always cook what I like to eat. She’s always making homemade things… and not always the good kind. Like sometimes she’ll make grilled salmon even though I hate fish. And she’ll make broccoli but no cheese sauce, and she makes brown rice instead of minute rice. Plus, she makes homemade mac and cheese. Dad makes the good stuff from a box.

Dad agrees that it’s thoughtless of her not to make what I like all the time. Dad cooks hot pockets and pizza rolls and jalapeno poppers for dinner…

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