Family Court Federal Lawsuit – Rankin County Mississippi

Mississippi Family Court in the News: Rankin County, MS

FEDERAL Complaint on behalf of Timothy Stubbs (father), Ruslan & Elijah Stubbs (Timothy’s children who were formerly Ukrainian orphans)

On July 13, 2016 attorney Erich Jerscheid filed a federal complaint on behalf of Tim Stubbs and his sons, Ruslan and Elijah against Fred Davis, LPC (a/k/a) Fred G. Davis, Fred G. Davis, Sr., Upside Therapy, (a/k/a) Upside Down Family Therapy, LLC, Emily Suggs, Sheriff Bryan Bailey & Deputy/Investigator Raymond Duke, John Owen Recovery Consultations, Inc. and the Estate of Dan H. Fairly, Sr.

The 21 page complaint states that “Each Plaintiff was subject to unlawful search & seizure of their person and personal effects. One parent (Tim) lost custody for two months. Two non-English speaking teenagers were incarcerated without legal counsel or a translator. Both were ordered to counseling despite cultural differences, compelled to undergo counseling by a court-appointed individual who was not qualified to render the type of services for which he was appointed. A jury trial has been demanded.

Both Elijah and Ruslan were adopted from the Ukraine, and a custody battle between their adoptive parents brought them in front of Judge Dan Fairly in the Rankin County Chancery Court.

During the custody battle, both of the boys decided that they wanted to stay with their father and did not want to visit their adoptive mother anymore. Tim was falsely accused of alienating the boys against their adoptive mother.

When both boys refused to live with their adoptive mother, Rankin County Judge Dan Fairly sent both Elijah and Ruslan to jail for contempt of court. Both of the boys were still learning English at the time. Elijah spent the night in the Rankin County Detention Center and Ruslan spent the same amount of time in the Rankin County Juvenile Detention Center. Judge Fairly confiscated their Ukrainian passports. When the boys were released from jail, they were then ordered by Fairly to live with Camala Wyatt, a friend’s mother who is also an attorney and was appointed guardian ad litem by Fairly. He also put a no contact order on both Tim and Suzanne without any explanation being given to Tim. The Ukranian government became involved as well as a complaint filed with the Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance.

After being away from their father for two months, in November of 2014 the boys were returned to their father’s custody where they had expressed all along that they wanted to be.

On April 3, 2015, the body of Rankin County Judge Dan Fairly was found. His death was determined to be a suicide.

Federal Complaint:

Boys returned to father’s custody:

Judge Dan Fairly’s death:

Judge jails adopted minors in custody case:

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