My Family’s Nightmare (excerpt from Writing For My Life)

We have been traumatized by this {family court injustice} and other behaviors, that I have found identified by Family Right’s groups as a form of domestic violence, imposed by “ex” spouses, intended to continue abuse “by proxy”, brutalizing the target spouse the only way possible after a divorce is granted … continued verbal abuse, child-snatching, disobeying court orders, and forcing incredible expenses to be incurred by frivolous, repeat, returns to court, which accomplish what they intend … to appear, by all intents and purposes, as if “we” were/are a contentious couple who just cannot get along.  Even the stoutest, lionhearted of all mother’s {protective parent’s} weaken if forced to endure this way of life, with no protection, and little support.

I have a great deal in common with the other parents that have been courageous, energetic, and righteously indignant enough to make public outcry’s in order to bring attention to this abuse.  Thankfully, now there are several, reputable professionals, from legal and psychiatric, to government youth workers who have selflessly offered their own time and energy into publicizing this horrible injustice.  It has taken over 20 years of research, misinformation, hits and misses, but, they are finally getting it right, placing it before Congress, the AMA, the American, and State Bar Associations, forcing reforms, and oversight committees … if compared to the length of time it took to acknowledge, and expose, child sexual abuse, which remained a hidden, abhorrent, crime the public in general, not to mention the “people in charge”, I wonder every day… where does this leave me, and my children?  If we are somewhere in the middle of the identification and expose’ of this family-violence action, now labeled, identified, but not yet reformed, we may have a few more years to go.



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